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(Pack of 6) Silk Shelf-Stable Original Almond Milk, 1 Quart

(Pack of 6) Silk Shelf-Stable Original Almond Milk, 1 Quart

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Bring the creamy goodness of almondmilk to your pantry with Silk Shelf-Stable Original Almondmilk. Featuring a pure . silky-smooth flavor . this plain almondmilk is delicious whether it's poured over cereal . added to your favorite recipes . or enjoyed straight out of the glass. It makes a perfect non-dairy alternative to milk . and is totally free of dairy . soy . lactose . gluten . casein . egg . and MSG. Silk Almondmilk provides vitamin E and contains 50% more calcium than dairy milk.* And since it comes in special . shelf-stable packaging . this nutmilk will keep fresh at room temperature . unopened . until the date code: no refrigeration necessary!

*Silk Original Almondmilk: 450mg of calcium per cup; reduced fat dairy milk: 293mg of calcium per cup. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. Data consistent with typical reduced fat dairy milk.Here at Silk . we believe in making delicious plant-based food that does right by you and fuels our passion for the planet. Every delicious product we offer is made with plants . they're naturally dairy-free . gluten-free . and cholesterol-free. And our entire lineup is enrolled in the Non-GMO Project Verification Program. Choose from an array of non-dairy products--from silky-smooth nutmilk to creamy . dreamy yogurt alternatives--and taste the goodness for yourself!

(Pack of 6) Silk Shelf-Stable Original Almond Milk . 1 Quart:

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