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Marketside Mild Cilantro Salsa, 16 oz

Marketside Mild Cilantro Salsa, 16 oz

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Fresh ingredients and bold flavors are found in every scoop of our Marketside Mild Cilantro Salsa. Our Marketside Mild Cilantro Salsa boasts a delicious blend of fresh tomatoes . yellow onion . cilantro . jalapenos . and complementing seasonings to deliver a classic . slightly citrusy taste with a subtle heat. Serve it alongside chips as a crowd-pleasing appetizer at a get together with family and friends or enjoy each of the 16 servings over multiple snacking sessions as you please. With the help of the reclosable container . the freshness of your salsa is easily maintained between bites to eat. If you're looking to try something new and love the fresh flavor of cilantro . then be sure to try out our Marketside Mild Cilantro Salsa!

Fresh ideas and quality ingredients . that's how Marketside brings the best foods to your table. We are committed to deliver freshness that you can taste and see. Marketside offers the best in fresh food . guaranteed by Walmart . working in partnership with farmers . bakers and chefs for the highest quality . authentic ingredients and favorite recipes.

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