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Great Value Cayenne Pepper, 2.25 oz

Great Value Cayenne Pepper, 2.25 oz

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Great Value Cayenne Pepper is a must-have in the kitchen for both seasoned chefs and beginner cooks that are experimenting and exploring new recipes. Cayenne pepper is a staple in many different cuisines and will add an authentic heat to many regional specialty dishes. Cayenne pepper can be used in a wide variety of recipes. Use as part of a rub to create flavorful grilled chicken or use it to add an extra level of spice to your taco seasoning. A little cayenne pepper can go a long way; just a pinch spices up your dishes and adds tons of flavor. Shop confidently knowing you are receiving a high quality product for a great price. Great Value Cayenne Pepper is a fantastic addition to a spice cabinet and will give all of your dishes a fiery spice and flavor that is sure to kick it up a notch or two.

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